How to make your own Percussion Instruments!

This is a great way to entertain your little ones and teach them about music!

Adult supervision is required whilst young children are playing with these crafts.

You Will Need:

  • A selection of clean Pipin Pear pots
  • PVA Glue
  • Glitter
  • Coloured Ribbon
  • Stickers/Sequins
  • Beads or buttons
  • Pasta shapes, rice or beans


  1. Remove the labels from your clean Pipin Pear pots and lids
  2. Fill them 1/3 full with pasta / rice / beans and close the lid
  3. Coat the outside with glue and decorate with glitter, sequins or ribbons!
  4. For another option take 2 lengths of ribbon and tie a bead/button to each end
  5.  Arrange the ribbons across the pot as shown in the pics below and pop the lid in place to hold your ribbons securely
  6. Once they’re dry you can have a percussion band!