Mornings can be tough! Getting yourself ready as well as a toddler or two – the struggle is REAL! There is usually so much on our to-do list and well, not a lot of time to do them! Add a toddler to the mix and the whole morning routine of getting ready and out the door can be tough.  Mornings can be just plain stressful for any parent but remember you are not alone!

Below are our tips to help you conquer the morning routine!


Consistency is key! Toddlers cannot easily distinguish why one morning would be different from another and this can lead to meltdowns.


When you start any new routine let your toddler know! It is important to communicate any changes with your child. For toddlers, we recommend fun visual tools!  Our advice is to create a morning routine chart for you and your toddler to look at and follow. Click here to download your own printable chart! Display it somewhere your toddler can see it. Print off their new morning routine and talk to them about what is involved at each step.


This step is extremely important! A toddler will look for encouragement along the way as they learn their new morning routine. By praising them for each step, they do you will build their confidence and give them a sense of control and independence. If you are using a physical morning chart, try using stickers! After your toddler completes each task reward them with a sticker on their chart.


How many of you say to your toddler “only 5 more minutes”? Many toddlers cannot tell time, but they do understand that now their time of doing whatever they were doing is coming to an end. This may help them mentally prepare for the act of leaving the house.

Tip: Pick a song and let your little one know that by the end of the song they need to be dressed or have their teeth brushed.


If you have planned a particularly busy day, prepping the night before is a great way to save time and help make the morning less stressful. Ask your toddler what they would like to wear the night before and have it laid out along with your own clothing. Packing the school lunches the night before is another great time saver.

Bonus Tip – Wake up before your Toddler – If possible!

I know you probably don’t want to hear this but, try waking up a few minutes before your toddler. We’re not talking waking up hours before them, but you would be surprised how waking up 15 minutes earlier to grab that cup of coffee or tea, have yourself awake, get dressed and feel fresh for the day ahead can make a huge difference!

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