• Summer of 2014

    An Idea Is Born

    Having become a new mum for the second time, Irene started looking for a healthy alternative to her own home cooking in the supermarket, but found she wouldn’t eat the options herself. In her own words “I kept saying if I wouldn’t eat this why would I feed it to my baby?”

    Irene found it very frustrating and near to  impossible to find a healthy alternative to home cooking when she needed it. All she could find was heavily processed long shelf life pouches and jars which didn’t look or taste anything like the baby food she was cooking at home, and so the idea for Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Food was born.

    In the Summer of 2014 Irene began testing out batches in the kitchen of her restaurant No9 Barronstrand St. When the doors were closed, Irene worked tirelessly into the night to develop the best baby food for little tums in Ireland. Before long, Irene had created a dedicated Baby Food Menu and people travelled from all across the South East to stock up on her tasty dishes!

    Irish Women In Business: Irene Queally, Owner and Founder of Pip & Pear Baby Food
  • Autumn of 2014

    Reaping The Rewards

    Encouraged by the reaction from customers, we entered the 2014 Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards and to our delight we swept the boards, winning Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals for our tasty dishes. With the quality of our products validated we made the decision to bring a full range of products to the market to help parents who want to feed their babies the best.

    Autumn of 2014

  • 2015

    We Got Listed!

    We received the very exciting news that both Aldi and Supervalu wanted to list us! Finally, parents could get a hold of healthy, guilt free baby food for their little ones!

  • 2016

    Launch of Toddler Range

    Due to the amazing support of our Pip & Pearents, we were able to further expand our range of 9 dishes to 12 delicious meals! This included a fantastic new range of toddler meals.


  • Early 2017

    Launch into Dunnes Stores

    Due to such high demand for our chilled meals, Dunnes Stores decided to list our products! Our Pip & Pear fridges started to pop up in Dunnes Stores around the country!

  • 2017

    Our Commitment To The Environment

    Not only do we want to give babies the best possible start on their weaning journeys, but we also want to do our bit for the environment! One of the differences of Pip & Pear is that our pots were already completely recyclable and 100% reusable, however they were wrapped in a recyclable cardboard sleeve. We decided to remove this sleeve completely to avoid any additional waste going into our beautiful countries landfills, it’s also less waste for you at home!


  • Late 2017

    Even More Choice For You & Your Little One!

    Due to the amazing reaction to our chilled meals, we worked in conjunction with Aldi Ireland to create and launch a further range of 12 delicious chilled dishes under the Aldi baby range ‘Mamia’.

  • May 2018

    Hello Tesco Stores Nationwide!

    In May of 2018 we had the really exciting news of launching our chilled dishes into Tesco stores nationwide! It is now even easier to get a hold of your little one’s favourite dishes. You can even add our tasty pots to your online shopping basket, how handy!

    May 2018

  • Early October 2019

    A Fresh Look For Pip & Pear

    In October of 2019, we launched our new name ‘Pipin Pear’ in conjunction with the launch of our new organic meals.

    We felt it was time for an exciting new refresh, and so, Pipin Pear was born!

  • October 2019

    A Brand New Pipin Pear

    October saw the launch of our brand new organic Pipin Pear range. We have spent quite a long time researching, developing delicious and wholesome recipes and most importantly, listening to our wonderful customers and learning what they want to feed their little foodies.
    The new range consists of exciting new dishes along with our most popular favourites such as Cheesy Chicken Pasta, Fishy Dishy and Banana Blue.With the launch of this fabulous new range, we felt it was also time for a new and fresh look for Pip & Pear.

    The ‘Pipin Pear‘ range is available in the dairy fridge of your local supermarket. We have also updated our pots to ensure that they are even handier during meal times. You will find that our pots are rounder and bowl shaped, making it easier to feed from for your and your baby. We have also included a protective seal to ensure higher quality and safety.

    October 2019

  • Late October 2019


    With the exciting news of our new and delicious organic range, we were delighted to announce the launch of our yummy dishes into Colruyt stores in Belgium! This was incredible news to receive and we have loved receiving snaps of children from Belgium enjoying our meals!

  • May 2020

    Our Family Gets Bigger!

    We were delighted to bring two exciting dishes into the Pipin Pear family! Back by popular demand, our delicious family favourite, Baby Beef Ragu and a yummy new dish Mighty Mango & Chicken!

    May 2020

  • Late May 2020

    A Lidl Bit Of Pipin Pear

    In the midst of the global pandemic, we were so incredibly delighted for Lidl to show their support of our wholesome and delicious range. In May, we officially launched nationwide into the dairy aisle of Lidl stores and the feedback and support has been incredible!

  • 2021

    Say Hello To Our Brand New Snack Range, Freggie Bites!

    After years of development, we were delighted to bring to the Irish market our newest product in innovation! Our delicious Freggie Bites have taken the snacking world by storm and have quickly become a lunchbox staple for children across Ireland!

    To read more about our new healthy snack range, go here.