Fun Activities To Do Indoors

Hold an indoor treasure hunt or scavenger hunt

This can be a great stress reliever for all! If you have older children, you can ask them to be in charge of setting it up for the younger ones, or put the plan in place yourself.

You can find some great ideas over on for treasure hunt and scavenger hunt lists

Recreate your town with lego

Most homes will have some amount of lego lying around. Now is a great time to get imaginative with it! Why not set a challenge of building your own home or even your own town!

Build a fort using blankets and pillows

A great way to get a roof is to play a few chairs together and pop a blanket over the top – instant tent!

Create a home cinema

This can be created very easily. Turn off the lights, if needed leave a small lamp on. Gather everyone on the couch with a bowl with popcorn, a little drink and maybe a treat or two and pop on their favourite movie.

Start a puzzle

Set up on the kitchen table in the morning with a simple puzzle!

Start a baking project

Learn the basics with your little ones by starting off small with some no-bake treats (rice krispie buns etc), then move onto fairy cakes and beyond! We all deserve a treat!

Put on a play

Help your little one’s to make costumes from their wardrobes. Have them write out a little script and make sure to film the final production! It will a great video to look back on!

Write letters

If your little one’s are old enough, you can have them practice their writing through fun ways, such as writing letters to friends or family – like grandparents!

Set a reading challenge

Depending on the stage your child at this can either be you deciding to read X amount of books to your child, perhaps at bedtime? Or if they’re a little older, you can set up a reading challenge board and give them stickers for each book they finish! Once they get to 5, they can then pick a treat!

Set up a disco

If you want to get the excitement building, perhaps ‘send out’ invitations to your little one’s to invite them to a disco in the kitchen later that day! This gives your littlies something to look forward to later on during the day. At 3pm, turn down the lights, close the blinds and pop on some Spotify and have a bit of a boogie!! A great way to let off a little steam and so much fun!

Get crafty

Making use of old socks to make sock puppets or using old toilet rolls to make napkin holders are great ways to use up bits around the house and are great fun! Or try out our Pipin Pear Jellyfish!